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Glenn Collins, Leland Chen's violin maker
Leland Chen's Violin - Made by Glen Collins

It is the ambition of every violinist to own an instrument that helps to convey fully their musical objectives, both in recital and larger scale works with orchestra. Leland Chen is no exception and during his career he has been privileged to play on many fine instruments including two Stradivari and one Guarneri.

For the past twelve years he has played on a Guarnerius copy made by Glen Collins of Newark, arguably the leading British violin maker working today.   Leland has recently taken delivery of a new Collins violin, a copy of the Guarneri `Lord Wilton', and he believes that this new instrument has brought him nearer to his aim of owning a violin that suits his personal musical requirements.

`I have recently received a violin specially commissioned from Glen Collins. It is far superior to the two Stradivari and a Guarneri del Gesu violins I played on during the mid eighties and is also an incredible leap from my previous Glen Collins - which I have used for over twelve years in preference to the Strads. This is the violin I have been looking for and those who have heard it have been astounded by its incredible tonal qualities.'